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River Rush

The River Rush!

Topic Message Decision
Honesty "Don't lie." I will not lie to others or myself
"Don't quit."
I won't quit school, my team or my job
Drugs & Alcohol “Don’t be stupid.”  I will be smart; I'll avoid danger, period.
Integrity “Be trustworthy.” I will be the one my family & peers trust.
Leadership “Lead or follow.” I will lead rather than being led.
Mentoring “Learn, don’t lie.”  I have much to learn and will do so.
Faith “I'm not alone.” I will not try to do life on my own.
Generosity “Share your blessings.” I will improve the world by giving, sharing.
Most Leadership/Character Development events are boring, “un-cool” and of little relevance to the people's decision patterns, especially young people. River Rush will bring together nationally-known music acts, speakers/comedians, celebrities and some magical Decision Moments to help Cincinnati’s next generation of leaders—our young people, young professionals and the young at heart—make important character decisions for the benefit of themselves, their families and the community.

After being entertained by music and activities, compelled and inspired by videos and speakers and emotionally tugged by well-crafted moments of invitation, the audience will be invited to make one or more of the commitments named above.