Executive L.A.B.

What Will You Finish...Before Your Run Is Done?

You probably are often get asked to serve as a leader, on Boards of Directors, Charities, Churches, Partnerships, Investment Groups and Organizations need leadership we’re pretty sure that you are well in demand.

We think you should serve on a Board that we think has the potential to change the world. To change lives. To change the direction of business and culture and families and communities. Who’s Board is it?


Executive Leadership Advisory Board is led in Cincinnati by its founder, Doug Howe, who has been working in the field of Leadership Development for over twenty years as a trainer, teacher, non-profit executive, minister, speaker, leadership coach and small business owner. Each member of the Board contributes to the agenda of the other members, and each has their own opportunity to solicit the kind of executive feedback that is necessary to make good decisions. LAB Groups feature 7 key ingredients:

Access. Most of us know how to connect with peers or potential mentors, but we don’t often get around to it as much as we could. The LAB Group offers a regular and recurring monthly opportunity to have access to the intelligent minds, developed hearts and inspiring spirits of other leaders.

Many networking events, small groups or leadership clusters can get stale because there’s not enough authentic add-value to take away from the time invested. The LAB Group adds value in two ways. First, there are always personal and professional takeaways because each member has led their part of the agenda according to his or her needs. Second, each member has had the opportunity to add value to the others which brings the kind of authentic fulfillment we all seek.

We tend to work on what we’re accountable for. We are diligent to meet our performance expectations at work and our personal financial and family responsibilities. A LAB Group is designed to assure that personal growth is developed and leadership capacity is increased so that our competitive advantage is maintained and enlarged for tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

Advantage. Competitive Advantage is something we all seek in our professional lives. We tend to join with—and invest in—people, products, companies and services that have an advantage over others in the industry or specific business space. Leveraging the strength of a LAB Group against our personal growth needs increases our professional advantage by regularly increasing our personal leadership capacity.

Action. How many of us have had something on the back of our minds for a long time? How many of us have had a feeling gnawing at us for awhile and we know it’s time to move? How many of us are leaders and hard-chargers in some areas of life but stagnant, shy, indecisive or uncourageous in others? The LAB Group will cause action towards activities and decisions which increase your impact as well as action away from the kind of speed inhibitors that we just can’t afford in this stage of life.

Each of us is the CEO of our personal lives. We own the vote that counts. It’s helpful, however, to invite feedback from others directed regarding the personal and professional felt needs, potential opportunities and timely matters which each member brings to the group.

After This. All of us think or wonder or believe something about what happens after our live is done here, and the older we get the more relevant that becomes. What we believe impacts our personal and professional decisions and strategies more than most of us know, so it ought to be something we can talk about (if we choose to) with others we trust, even if the faith covenant they’re bound by is different than ours. A Personal Leadership Advisory Board doesn’t put faith “on” the table as much as it doesn’t take it “off” the table as is the case in so many professional (and even personal) contexts.

Let us know if you'd like to attend a briefing of potential future members, or arrange a meeting with Doug for you and/or some of your colleagues. Contact us at doug@doughowe.com if you're interested in an invitation to the next group.  We’re looking forward to seeing you.