HOWe Are You Received?

As the owner / leader / manager / board member, who helps you refine your thinking? Who helps you get beyond the dozens of internal conversations you have with yourself every day, and rid yourself of the head trash and limiting beliefs that even the smartest of leaders walks around with? And who helps you take action on the right things, even if they’re the ones that cause hesitation and anxiousness to even the best of leaders? …It’s our privilege to help leaders become even better versions of themselves, in a way that impacts increases in the bottom line and decreases in the stress categories.

Has anyone ever taken you through the five steps of every communication process? Every word, every sentence, every non-verbal signal, every code, every attempt to transmit data from one person to another is more complicated than it seems.

Have you ever taken your team through eight different Conflict Resolution styles to equip your team to be a better version of itself when going through conflict? There are dollars to be made and relationships to be saved through these trainings.

Have you ever been able to quantify what it costs you when your team isn’t thinking right, or thinking together? There’s no P&L for that!

Somewhere inside you, you know that! “It must be easier than this,” you’ve thought. “They’ve gotta be able to understand this,” you’ve said to a friend or partner. “This can’t be this complicated,” you’ve surmised when going home from another disappointing connection.

One of our highest privileges is to help you (and your team) learn to communicate past what you mean to say to the world of what really “lands” in the minds, hearts and souls of those you’re communicating to, whether it be in peace time, conflict situations, strategy sessions, performance reviews or the like. It’s really not as simple as they told you along the way, but you and your team – and your company or organization – have some lost gold you can find by improving what you’re doing, and we can help.

Inquire with us, starting with Doug directly at [email protected] and let us help you move to a higher level of success and fulfillment.