"Doug Howe is an extraordinary speaker, motivator, and executive coach to a number of our top management personnel. Doug is a true professional and his value-added contribution to our organization is tangible."
Jim Wainscott
CEO and President, AK Steel
"I could measure Doug's impact on our top team of traders and marketers because it showed up in our bottom line. In a world full of 'techno-speak' Doug brings a unique talent for real-time and real-world effectiveness focused on excellence. He will inspire and challenge your organization to be great."
Michael J. Cyrus
Former Executive Vice President, Cinergy Corp. and CEO, Commercial Businesses
"Doug Howe has a unique insight into the role of a leader in managing the culture of the organization while understanding the role the culture has in impacting the leader. He helped us first to determine the culture we desired, the role of leadership in impacting that culture, rallying the resources to accomplish the work and encouraging us until the task was accomplished. Doug is a man of deep human and spiritual insight he communicates it in a palatable, inspiring and powerful way. Doug has a unique grasp on all the aspects of organizational behavior and effectiveness which helps you as a leader to get right to the point."
Randy Brunk
Head of School, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
"Your breadth of skills has been amazing. Even so far as increasing our referral business through client inspiration. We will look forward to finding new and innovative ways to utilize the HOWe Team within our business."
Joseph Callahan
CFP and CEO, Callahan and Associates
"I thought you added great value to the foundation's work and really helped identify and sort out what our key issues were. Thank you!"
Steve Cesler
Board of Directors, Anthony Munoz Foundation
"Doug, you are one of the best communicators and public speakers I know. In the different kinds of coaching I have seen you do I have always been impressed by your ability quickly to survey a situation, identify the need, and clearly outline a practical solution. That is a gift!"
Dr. Mel Loucks
Director, Overseas World Mission Project
"The HOWe Team's contribution to my company and myself has been extremely enormous including a simple but powerful wake up call message to actually go forward and embrace an actual purpose in life and business. Thank you!"
Ron Booth
Partner, Promenade Pictures
"I am impressed by your ability to quickly establish credibility with leaders. It's clear you understand what leaders care about and can identify with what they need to do to achieve their personal and professional potential."
Greg Dolby
EVP and Managing Partner, Future Achievement International
"I have heard on several occasions, from people whose opinions I trust, that you are one of the finest business coaches in Greater Cincinnati. It is a pleasure to count you as a colleague and a friend. And that's the truth!!"
Chuck Proudfit
SkillSource Consultants, At Work On Purpose
"Thank you for the boost and for keeping our efforts grounded in God's plan for our school. I just want you to know your work is making an important difference."
Beth Andrews
Director, Marketing and Product Development, ShuttleSystem Changeable School Furniture
"Doug, your retreat leadership stands as one of the highlights of our men's group [or group, team, etc.] over the past decade. Your work with us was dynamic, challenging, and inspiring. You promoted our cohesiveness, shared wonderful and substantial ideas for our future, and helped us to clarify some strategic next steps. A year later we are seeing great results and looking forward to periodic follow-ups with you!"
Jeffrey A. Hosmer
Pastor/Head of Staff, Northminster Presbyterian Church
"HOWe Team, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude for the personal and spiritual growth of each and every team member that you have inspired. The leadership team has improved productivity exponentially which has resulted in improved consumer satisfaction. On behalf of the Shawneespring Team, residents, and families Thank you. We look forward to the future with your infinite sustenance!"
Gregg Weaver
Adminstrator, Shawneespring Health Care Center
"Doug brings great personal strength and character along with a disarming coaching style. He inspired and motivated my staff... certainly a value add deliverer."
George Martin
Executive Director, Teen Challenge Cincinnati